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Apikey issue

I tryed to connect to dexguru api rest with the apikey that i received but i receive this error: {'statusCode': 401, 'error': 'Unauthorized', 'message': 'Please specify apiKey'} Can you share with me an correct url and apikey usage inside a python example or others linguages?


What parameters should be passed to search_after, the parameter names and values are passed separately What

I stopped getting a response to the API request

When attempting an API request, the script does not return a response, it just hangs waiting for a response.

The opening price is incorrect

I'm using the API interface you provide, and it's fantastic. However, I've noticed errors in the OHLCV data, specifically with the opening and highest prices for some tokens. Some tokens have a recorded opening price of zero, which is definitely incorrect. Additionally, when "resolution=1D", the data for the highest price is also incorrect. I hope you can adjust the calculation methods for OHLC to ensure the data is accurate. Thank you.

How can i get my token chart image?

I'm trying to create a bot for my token to get the chart image in the group, but can't find the proper documentation for it.

gives error Unclosed client session with python 3.11 and 3.10.7

<https://github.com/dex-guru/meta-aggregation-api/issues/24> Check the link for more details, i am not a python dev hence finding really difficult to solve this. Also get same error on docker.

Please add OHLC to new/dex coins

Please add a endpoint that give OHLC, the API looks pretty good and have everything, the unique thing is missing right now its this endpoint. I would migrate all our structure to dex.guru if this endpoint be implemented. Thank you so much.

Cors error

I am trying to hit token market history api from localhost, its giving CORS error. Access to fetch at '<https://api.dev.dex.guru/v1/chain/137/tokens/0x7ceB23fD6bC0adD59E62ac25578270cFf1b9f619/market/history?begin_timestamp=1588723228>' from origin '<http://localhost:3000>' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status.