Address Warehouse Page NFT TXs

This API endpoint, "Address Warehouse Page NFT TXs," retrieves the details of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) transactions for a specific address from the token transfer warehouse of a specified network. It requires the 'network' (query parameter type), 'address' (text parameter type), as well as 'first' (enum parameter type defining the number of records to fetch) and 'skip' (text parameter type calculating the number of records to offset).

The API executes a SQL command that selects the transaction hash, block timestamp, from and to addresses, value, and token address for given address and network, ensuring the transaction involves an NFT by checking 'is_nft' equals 1.

The output of this API call is a structured JSON containing the specified fields from the token_transfers table from the defined network. This data is best displayed in a table visualization rendering for comprehensive data assessment.
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