All Transactions Page NFT tab

This API endpoint, "All Transactions Page NFT tab", retrieves a list of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) transfers from a specific network. The query is designed to select transaction details such as transaction hash, block timestamp, from address, to address, value, and token address.

Input parameters required are:

  • 'network' (query type): Specifies the network from which the data is to be retrieved.
  • 'first' (enum type): Defines the limit on the number of entries returned by the query.
  • 'skip' (text type): Determines the number of entries to offset or skip in the output.

The output includes a list of NFT transfers with their transaction hash, block timestamp, from and to addresses, value, and token address.

Please note that the data is presented in a tabular format (Table::TABLE) for ease of viewing and interpretation.
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