Copy of (#58) Account Balances Records -

This API Endpoint is designed to retrieve and present account balances records from a specified blockchain network. It selects and organizes the information about the account's token_address, chain_id, timestamp of last update, balance, token_standard, and token_id.

The required parameters for this query are:
'chain_id' (text) which indicates the ID of the blockchain chain,
'network' (text) refers to the specific public blockchain network,
'account_address' (text) signifies the address of the account from which balances are being fetched,
and 'token_address' (text) that gives the address of the tokens in the account.

The output of the query will include the following fields:
The token address from which the balance is retrieved,
the corresponding blockchain chain ID,
the timestamp of the last balance update,
the final balance value,
the token standard being used,
and the token ID associated with these details.

The results are presented in a tabular format for easy organization and readability.
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