DAI Daily Unique Sender Addresses, 7d

This API endpoint provides data for the DAI Daily Unique Sender Addresses over the past 7 days. The query pulls information by the transaction_date and counts the number of unique sender addresses.

The endpoint accepts one parameter, 'token_address', which should be provided as a text string. The 'token_address' parameter specifies the crypto token's Ethereum address.

The output produced is a dataset containing a list of dates and their corresponding count of unique addresses that have sent the specified token on that day. Each data entry includes a 'transaction_date' and a 'unique_address_count' for the given token.

Additionally, the API endpoint supports visualizations and can be presented as a chart. A chart visualization would plot the 'transaction_date' on the x-axis, with a corresponding 'unique_address_count' as the y-value, effectively giving an overview of the transaction activity for the specific crypto token over the past week.
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