Wallet Balance

This Wallet Balance API endpoint is created to fetch balance and associated details of a specific wallet, identified by holder_address. It accepts no parameters but uses a hardcoded holder_address 0x1d20635535307208919f0b67c3b2065965a85aa9 in its SQL query.

The API returns multiple outputs, which includes token_address, chain_id, token_standard, timestamp of the last transaction, balance, name of the token, symbol, decimals to present the token in its simplest form, logo of the token, and price of the token.

The result of the API call will be displayed in a tabular format. Note that as of today, this API does not support customizable visualization. The endpoints described get data from the token_balances, inventory_synthetic_v1, and last_price_v01 datasets which are part of 'canto' and 'dex' databases respectively.

Please be aware, this endpoint is specifically developed for the Block Explorer pages and is available to the public.
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