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This API endpoint is designed to retrieve a selection of token transfers from a specified network. The purpose of the query is to pull transaction information like hash, block timestamp, from/to addresses, value, and token address from the given network's token transfers.

Expected parameters include:

  1. 'network' (query type) - Indicates the blockchain network from which the token transfers will be retrieved.
  2. 'first' (enum type) - Specifies the maximum number of records or rows to be returned in a single select query.
  3. 'skip' (text type) - Indicates how many records from the beginning will be bypassed before starting to fetch the records.

It produces outputs confirmed by the SQL structure: transaction hash, block timestamp, from address, to address, value, and the token address. Results are informative and improve transparency about token transfers.

The data result from the API can be visualized in a table format for a well-structured and human-readable layout.
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