All Transactions Page

This API endpoint, "All Transactions Page," retrieves a list of all transactions relating to a specified blockchain network. The server expects three parameters in the request:

  1. 'network' (query type parameter): This specifies the blockchain network to retrieve the transactions from.
  2. 'first' (enumeration type parameter): This instructs the server on the maximum number of transactions to fetch in one query.
  3. 'skip' (text type parameter): This parameter is used to skip over a specified number of transactions, often useful in pagination.

The server executes a SQL query to fetch details like transaction 'hash,' 'block_number,' 'block_timestamp,' 'from_address,' 'to_address,' and 'value' from the 'transactions' table of the specified network. The retrieved data is shown in the visualization format 'Table,' providing an organized visualization of the blockchain transactions information. Please note, no specific formatting/styling data on Table Visualizations is provided.
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